Pallet Dispenser & Stacker

Our Pallet Stackers and Pallet Dispensers help you organize within your facility. They can be manufactured as a Stacker, or a Dispenser, or a combination Stacker and Dispenser.

General Information


  • Accepts stacks of pallets, manually or automatically, and dispenses, or stacks, one at a time.
  • Pallets can be wooden, plastic or metal.
  • Available in various dispensing/stacking configurations: Right Hand, In Line, or Left Hand dispense/stack.
  • Unit comes completely pre-wired and tested.
  • Standard pallet magazine is 96” and holds approximately 18 - 5" inch tall pallets.

Control Features

  • The control panel includes a 6” touch screen and PLC to control the operation of the dispenser/stacker auto and manual functions. This provides you with superior command of the equipment. If a jam occurs, the display lists the exact reason for the jam.
  • Custom buttons and other information easily added depending on your requirements.
  • A multi color indicator light on top of the unit displays the unit's current state: green for ready, yellow for unit empty (or full), and red for jam condition.
  • 24VDC controls for safety.

Mechanical Features

  • A discharge/ infeed conveyor is included. The conveyor can be 18” (minimum) to 60” in length, depending on your requirements.
  • The conveyor uses 80# chain.
  • The conveyor and pivot finger bearings are manufactured by Dodge.
  • A heavy duty hydraulic lift table is used for lifting the pallets.
  • The pallet magazine is also heavy duty. It is lined with 10 gauge sheet steel and braced with structural channel all around for added strength.
  • The magazine is bolted together, top half to bottom half, for ease of shipping and installation.



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