Autostore Indexing Lift


General Information

  • The AUTOSTORE from Tri-Fab LLC is an all mechanical indexing lift. Its economical modular design is capable of handling the high cycle rates of day in and day out usage.
  • Heavy duty drive mechanisms make this lift well suited for vertical storage, buffering, and indexing.
  • The control panel features a 6" touch screen and PLC to control the operation of the Vertical Lift and manual functions. This provides superior control of the equipment. If a jam occurs, the touch screen lists the exact reason for the jam. Custom buttons and other information can be added and collected easily, depending on customer requirement.
  • The AUTOSTORE is capable of a "Z" configuration, a "C" configuration, and "Multiple Infeed/Discharge" configurations.
  • All Tri-Fab LLC Lifts include a 1 year warranty.
  • Load weights start at 1 pound and go up. 
  • Packages must be of a consistent width.
  • Available with or without infeed and/or discharge conveyor systems.
  • Very quiet operation at less than 80 dbs.
  • A modular design with standard components reduces cost.


Tri-Fab's newest Autostore/Indexing Lift


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