Continuous Vertical Lift


General Information

  • Continuous 4 strand chain lift. Modular pre-engineered design. Built with only heavy duty quality components for years of reliable service.
  • Available in 7 different models dependent on your package size and weight, up to 5,000 lb capacity.
  • Unit comes completely pre-wired and tested. (Depending on height and shipping sizes). May be shipped in multiple pieces.
  • Totally enclosed with painted expanded metal for safety.
  • Very quiet operation. Under 80 db’s.
  • Loading and unloading in “Z” pattern only.
  • Access doors at lower elevation for maintenance.

Control Features

  • The control panel includes a 6” touch screen and PLC to control the operation of the Continuous Verticl Lift auto and manual functions. This provides you with superior command of the equipment. If a jam occurs, the display lists the exact reason for the jam.
  • Custom buttons and other information easily added depending on your requirements.
  • A multi color indicator light on top of the unit displays the unit's current state: green for ready, yellow for unit empty (or full), and red for jam condition.
  • All electric with no air required.
  • 24VDC controls for safety.

Mechanical Features

  • An infeed conveyor is included for accurate package infeed timing. All infeed conveyors are powered with a separate heavy duty high cycle brake motor. A tunnel guard is included with our conveyor for low infeed elevations.
  • The lift utilizes 18 Dodge bearings.
  • Lifting chains are premium quality for long life and minimal stretch.
  • Lift sprockets (18) have specially machined and hardened teeth for long life.



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